Preschool I
Marissa Leppo, Lead Teacher

B.S. in Biology and B.A. in Elementary Education, Brandeis University
M.A.T. in Elementary Education, Regis College
ACC Toddler Teacher, 5 years
ACC Toddler Lead Teacher, 8 years
ACC Preschool II Teacher, 2 years
ACC Kindergarten Teacher, 2 years
ACC Preschool AM Teacher, 1 year
ACC Preschool I Lead Teacher since 2021


Stacey Russo, Teacher

B.S. in Early Childhood Education, Fitchburg State College
Massachusetts Teaching Certificate, Pre K-3
ACC Preschool I Teacher, 3 years
ACC Preschool I Lead Teacher, 2 years
ACC Preschool II Lead Teacher, 9 years
ACC Float Teacher, 9 years
ACC School-Age Site Coordinator, 9 years
ACC Preschool I Teacher since 2022

Sandra San, Teacher

A.A. in Early Childhood Education, Quinsigamond Community College
ACC Preschool I Teacher since 2021

Jean Wells, Morning Teacher

Studied Russian at UMass-Amherst
ACC Float Teacher, 12 years
ACC Preschool I Morning Teacher since 2020

Becky Sarah, Afternoon Teacher

B.S. in Child Development, University of Wisconsin
M.P.H. Boston University School of Public Health
ACC Preschool I Afternoon Teacher since 2022